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Community Involvement

M4 Technologies believes that it is critically important to give back to the community in which we live. We also are keenly aware of the sacrifices that our military have made for us throughout history and strongly believe that those veterans injured during their service need to be taken care of. While we do contribute to a number of charitable organizations, our primary focus has been on groups assisting wounded military.

Wounded Warrior Project LogoOne of our primary support efforts over the last five years for contributions of staff time and money has been a program called MVP’s Welcome Home Wounded Warriors. We have assisted in sponsoring numerous events for this agency, where the focus is not on the healing of physical ailments, but on dealing with the psychological scars after a traumatic injury. Welcome Home Wounded Warriors has held over 60 events for wounded soldiers to assist them with their integration back into society and staff from M4 Technologies has been in attendance and continue to support many of these efforts.

Valero Texas Open LogoAnother initiative important to M4 is supporting the Valero Texas Open. The Valero Texas Open contributed $9M to local charities this year, more than any other PGA tournament in the country. M4 Technologies staff assist in raising money for these charities through corporate sponsorships. We have been involved with this excellent fundraising program for the last 3 years. We are very excited to be associated with an organization that provides so much back to the community.