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Direct Hire Placement

If a company knows that they need to hire an employee long term, then a direct hire placement is often the best solution. M4 Technologies personnel are experts at placing direct hire candidates. Personnel ranging from IT, engineering, subject matter experts, accounting, sales, and managers, to senior leaders are all candidates that we can locate and place within your facility. image of person talking on headsetWe utilize an extensive group of search engines, coupled with a network of free tools, such as Linked-In, to locate just the right candidate for these nation-wideplacements. Our candidates are thoroughly screened and interviewed to make sure they would be a good fit for the work skills needed and the corporate environment.We also believe that our job is not complete until after the candidate has started work and is completely settled in to his new environment. For this reason, M4 personnel will continue to follow-up with the placed candidate, simply to make sure that their fit into the new environment is both as seamless as possible as well as being a long term fit for the company.