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Temp and Long Term Staffing

At times a company may need additional personnel to augment their regular personnel. It is in those cases where commercial clients would turn to M4 Technologies for their temporary (short term) or long term personnel.

Temporary staffing may involve replacing a secretary on maternity leave or hiring a group of assembly workers for an upcoming seasonal surge in staffing needs.

Long term staffing may involve the need for a group of auditors to respond to an audit, where the project is complete in 6 weeks or for a call center that needs additional staff for a project that ends in 3 months.Image of IT person, clerical, or assembly line workerThese openings are usually local to San Antonio, since San Antonio is where our network of candidates exists. For these positions, search engines are less effective, and face to face meetings and interviews are required. M4 will thoroughly screen our candidates and perform background checks before placing them into a facility. Our customer service follow through will also include ongoing visits to our placed staff as well as periodic check-ins to ensure that they are content in their jobs and performing at the level required. These placements will either terminate at the end of their necessary contract or will be converted over to regular full time staff for the client, through our temp to hire program. This in essence gives the client a “try before you buy period” to make sure that the candidate is as good a worker in person as they appear to be on their resume.